Know What Weather To Expect In Las Vegas

Know What Weather To Expect In Las Vegas


Las Vegas’ weather makes this a great place to visit all year-round, from the Fourth of July to New Year’s Eve. With over 300 days of sunshine every year, the odds of good weather are in your favor. So, crack open a window and let the breeze in because the extended forecast calls for a 100 percent chance of fun.

Average Monthly Temperatures
  Temperatures Precipitation  
Month Avg Low Avg High Inches cm Humidity%
January 39°F 4°C 58°F 14°C 0.48 1.21 43
February 41°F 5°C 61°F 16°C 0.48 1.21 28
March 49°F 9°C 71°F 22°C 0.42 1.1 22
April 55°F 13°C 77°F 25°C 0.21 0.53 20
May 66°F 19°C 91°F 32°C 0.28 0.71 18
June 74°F 23°C 100°F 38°C 0.12 0.3 21
July 81°F 27°C 105°F 41°C 0.35 0.89 24
August 78°F 26°C 102°F 39°C 0.49 1.24 26
September 71°F 22°C 95°F 35°C 0.28 0.71 27
October 59°F 15°C 82°F 28°C 0.21 0.53 29
November 46°F 8°C 66°F 19°C 0.43 1.1 31
December 39°F 4°C 57°F 14°C 0.38 0.97 44

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