Changes Coming to the Las Vegas Strip in 2019

Changes Coming to the Las Vegas Strip in 2019

With so may extravagant changes in 2018 your mind can go wild thinking about what 2019 has in store. Luckily all you have to do is read below.

The Wynn Golf Course is Staying

Perhaps you heard about the plans to demolish the golf course to make way for a massive lagoon surrounded by attractions, a new hotel tower and convention center. As it turns out, the board has ditched most of former CEO Steve Wynn’s idea. Instead they will reopen the golf course after bringing back the original designer Tom Fazio to give the course a new look. Now, the new convention center is still a go and “Wynn West” (the new hotel tower) will be constructed but on a different piece of land.

Fuerza Bruta at Excalibur

It’s about time they did something new and exciting at the Excalibur. Fuerza Bruta opens on March 7 for a six-month run at the resort — or more accurately, outside the resort in a high-tech tent near Las Vegas Boulevard. The audience is actually on stage — in the middle of the action — while the show unfolds around them. It’s an immersive experience with performers hanging overhead, swimming above the crowd in what appears to be a pool, and doing whatever it takes to give you a ridiculously inventive and interactive stage spectacle. Fuerza Bruta got its start in Buenos Aires and has been seen by millions in more than 50 destinations around the world, including a nine-year run in New York.

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