How to be a High Roller in Las Vegas

How to be a High Roller in Las Vegas

1. Turn on the Bellagio Fountains

For a cool $250,000, you can press the button which sets the famous Bellagio Fountains in motion. Included in this price is one of the biggest bottles of champagne in the world. The fountain’s golden control box is brought to your VIP table along with the 30 litre of Armand de Brignac (Ace of Spades).

2. Stay in the Best Suite in Vegas

The rooftop Nobu Villa at Caesars Palace lavish to a whole new level. This $35,000 per night luxury suite has had celebrity residents Jennifer Lopez, Miley Cyrus, Justin Bieber, and Ed Sheeran. Boasting a sauna, massage room, its own billiard tables, and even a signature omakase sushi bar and dedicated chef

3. Go to Fleur for their $5,000 burger

If you are looking for the worlds most expensive hamburger then head over to Mandalay Bay. Inside you will find the high end restaurant, Fleur by celebrity chef Hubert Keller. For a whopping $5,000, you will get a Kobe beef patty paired with prime foie gras and sliced black truffles all inside a freshly made brioche bun, buttered with truffle sauce. The key ingredient is not actually cooked into the burger. The bottle of 1995 Petrus is poured over it, perfectly complimenting it.

4. Fly to the Desert for Some Bubbly

If you turned on the Bellagio Fountains and ate a $5,000 burger, chances are you will just have your own private helicopter fly you out over the desert. However, for those of us that do not have a helicopter just sitting around awaiting our beckoning call, there are companies in Vegas to fill that void. For example, just let Sundance Helicopters know when you would like to go and where you are at and they will send a stretch limousine to pick you up and take you to to your aerial chariot. Once on board you will be taken out over Red Rock Canyon for spectacular views including a dramatic sunset while sipping on your champagne. Concluding your journey will involve an unforgettable route over the beautiful neon lit Las Vegas Strip.

5. Enjoy the View from High Roller

Sitting at a height of 550ft. the Las Vegas High Roller is over 100ft. taller than the London Eye, making it the tallest observation wheel on the planet. The best way to enjoy High Roller is to book your time to begin about 20 minutes before sunset and reserve a private pod with personal bar (includes a mixologist). Enjoy your favorite cocktails as you rise high into the sky while the sun is setting on the horizon. This round trip will cost about $2,000 but you can have up to 40 of your friends join you to make the experience a ball.

6. Drink at the Most Exclusive Speakeasy in Vegas

Some places call themselves a speakeasy when really they are just a small bar. If you are looking for that true exclusivity then you need to receive a text only invitation to The Laundry Room. Located off or Fremont Street through Common Wealth and just larger than a standard living room this speakeasy seats only two dozen drinkers at a time. Themed with 1930’s decor the atmosphere in the dimly-lit space will take your thoughts straight to a prohibition era setting. The mixologists will talk to you about your taste likes and dislikes and craft custom made cocktails to pair with your pallet perfectly.

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