Save Money in Las Vegas

Save Money in Las Vegas

We have all been in that position where you are short on funds and you get invited on a trip. Knowing you cannot pass up this opportunity you agree to go, especially if you are going to Vegas! Luckily for you we have created a list of ways to help you put your budget together and save money while you are there.

Eat Like Locals

People who live in Las Vegas can’t all afford to eat tourist priced meals every day. If you are looking to eat great food on a local budget you need to know where they eat. Check out a copy of the local newspaper, the Review Journal, to discover local hangouts and eateries.

Fly at Non Peak Times

Flying during the week is always cheaper than on the weekends. Also, the prime times to go to Vegas for a cheap flight are July, August and Mid-December.

Also, booking red eye flights or other very early or late flights, will save you a lot of money as well.

Stay off Strip or Downtown

Stay at places like Westgate Las Vegas, Palms, The Rio, Hard Rock or Westgate Flamingo Bay Resort for a room cheaper than the ones directly on the Strip. The great thing about these hotels is that you can still walk to the Strip.

Downtown Freemont Street hotels are also less expensive than the Strip hotels and there are buses that run between the Strip and Freemont Street every 30 minutes.

Every thing is cheaper downtown (food, drinks, gambling…), so if you really want to save on your trip, stay downtown.

Don’t Use Your Debit Cards

Never use your debit card to book a hotel room. The room deposit and other fees will be held on your debit card and will significantly impact your immediate available funds, just in case you need quick access to cash.

Buy Drinks at Convenience or Grocery Stores

CVS, Walgreens, and many other convenience stores on and near the Strip sell alcohol by the case, bottle, or can. Since you are in Vegas, no one is going to bat an eye if you are carrying a 24-ounce beer as you walk down the strip.

You can also walk into any casino or hotel with a drink already in your hand.

Tip: Stop and pickup some drinks on your way to the hotel from the airport.null

Pregame before going to the clubs

One of the best ways to save money on drinks in Vegas is to pregame in your room before going out. Drinks at bars and clubs can average $20 a drink, so limiting the amount of drinks while you’re out will really add up in savings.

Seek out Specials

Most people have heard of the killer deals you can get on food in Vegas, like the $11.99 steak and lobster at Tony Roma’s on Fremont, or the infamous Taco El Gordo. It’s very possible to eat in Vegas for less than $20 per day. Most casinos and restaurants have specials that they do not advertise out loud.

Hit Happy Hour Dish Specials

In many Vegas bars and restaurants you can enjoy happy hour drinks AND eats. Fill up on scrumptious dishes while imbibing in your favorite adult beverages at slashed prices. Here are a few of the happy hour hot spots in Vegas for booze and bites:

Hanks Fine Steaks and Martinis Green Valley Ranch – 1/2 off martinis at the bar and lounge plus a special food menu and live music. 4-7pm, 7 days a week.

Sushi Roku Caesars Palace – discounted drinks including $3 hot sake and happy hour menu 4-7pm Sunday-Thursday and 4-6pm Friday and Saturday.

Emeril’s New Orleans Fish House MGM Grand – A happy hour menu that includes $7 wines, $7-$8 cocktails, and $5 beers, as well as discounts on unique n’awlins’ foods. 2-6pm and 9:30pm-close.

Andre’s Monte Carlo – A rare happy hour at a fine-dining restaurant with $5 beers, $6 specialty cocktails, and $7 wines at the bar or cigar lounge. Deals on small plates including smoked salmon parfait and cheese and charcuterie selection. 5-7pm (Tuesday-Sunday)

Avoid Taxis – Use Lfyt or Uber

Now that transportation networks like Uber and Lyft are available in Vegas, be sure to have these apps set up on your phone to avoid taxi lines and gain easy access around Las Vegas.

Take Trams

Many of the hotels offer trams that connect some of the hotels together. This service allows you to stay cool and not have to walk as much. It also helps you get around quickly.

Be aware of parking fees

Sadly, a long loved tradition in Vegas is all but gone–free parking. Parking fees vary from place to place, both self and valet. Check locations for up-to-date pricing. MGM Grand resorts recent added parking fees to all their Vegas casinos.

Set a Gambling Budget and Stick to it

Don’t go over your budget and don’t risk more than you can afford to lose. If you find yourself outspending your budget or feel like you have to keep going, ask the pit bosses or dealers for help in stopping gambling.

Gamble Smart with Free Lessons- Nearly every casino will offer free lessons in the mornings or early afternoons. IF you don’t know how to play craps, the free lesson hour is a great way to learn. Then, when tables open u for the early day play and bets are low, you can jump in and hone your skills for less than during more popular casino hours.

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